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Anonymous asked:

I've been masturbating since Saturday I'm exhausted my clit is worn out



Whoa, you gotta stretch your schedule out or your next sex altercation is gonna be shit! lol This one girl I knew masturbated, on average, 4 times a day. It got so bad that when she had sex she literally felt almost nothing, especially nothing greatly pleasurable. You got learn timing. Like when i didn’t have a consistent sex partner i used to have a calender and I would allow myself like 10 jerk off moments a month. That’s probably a little too much but still lol. you gotta be stopped!


A thought for today 🌸 I used to be obsessed with having thousands of followers smh until I came to realization that IT DOESN’T DO SHIT FOR ME. Like why y’all so eager to be so popular? I swear the Internet in general has everyone fcked up in the head with this whole following shit that people are actually buying them 😂😂😂 what’s wrong with you humans? You ever knew someone in reality that has thousands of followers who don’t comment back to those who compliment them as if they’re too busy or think they’re that important? Lmao sorry but I had to share because I’m sure you can relate. I want to be like Jesus. Loved for who I am, appreciated, and inspiring! 🙌

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